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Developer of legal and compliance management software created to streamline administrative work, reducing waste, error, and missed deadlines. The company’s software manages compliance activities by filling out reports, managing filings, and maintaining internal records, enabling clients and law firms to save time and remain in good standing with the law procedures.

Most Recent Financing Status

The company raised $8.60 million of Seed-1 funding in a deal led by Foundry Group on December 22, 2022, putting the company’s pre-money valuation at $11.40 million. Cooley and 5 other investors also participated in the round. The funds will be used to simplify and automate state and local compliance activities, including the slow and manual process of routine compliance filings.

CEO: Aaron Finn

HQ Location: Seattle, WA

Employees: 19

Total Raised: $8.70M

Post Valuation: $20.00M

Growth Rate2.07% Weekly Growth (98th Percentile)

Size Multiple: 2.03x Median (68th Percentile)

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