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Developer of an artificial intelligence platform intended to provide in-depth analysis of data. The company’s platform extracts information from different sources and formats and interrelates them to provide a single entry point to search and discover through semantic navigation empowered by a graphical environment, enabling users to get complete information about their project so that efficiency can be increased to the optimum level.

Most Recent Financing Status

The company raised EUR 100,000 of venture funding from Alya-Serpens on January 15, 2020, putting the company’s pre-money valuation at EUR 356,746.

CEO: Xavier Blanch

HQ Location: Barcelona, Spain

Employees: 9

Total Raised: $0.11M

Post Valuation: $0.51M

Size Multiple: 0.30x Median (22nd Percentile)

Institutional Investors (Active):


  • Alya-Serpens

To learn more about ConnecThink, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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